Anaheim National Parks Collection

Celebrating America's two premiere National Parks, located in Anaheim CA, established 1955 and 2001.

Hats & 'Hoods Collection

Rep your 'hood right in our hats and hoodies, available in both classic LA Sportsball Royal Blue or Retro 90s Multicolor Fun colorways.

LA Icons! Collection

LA's finest. And also a bunch of crap that nobody particularly cares about like outlet malls and cemetaries.

Best Side Collection

If you thought we were above throwing our logo on every single product you can imagine, think again. Schwag!

LA's Finest Blackmarket Merch

One day, artist and filmmaker Scott Nuñez-Peterman was having a Gin & Tonic with his wife Katie at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. He wondered aloud, "So many places we love have merch. But why isn't there merch for the places nobody loves? And why does all the merch in Anaheim have a mouse or a baby yoda on it? Why isn't there more trashcan merch, or water fountain merch, or W.E.D. merch..." At this point, Katie interrupted and ordered another round. Thus Eastside Outfitters was born.